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Sports Betting
Are you a huge sports fan? Betting on sports is entirely different than most other types of gambling. Sports are a hobby and a passion for most of us, not a livelihood. When we play our favorite sports and games, we play for fun; when we bet on them, we bet for fun. There's no mathematical formula or optimal strategy when betting on sports. You need to have a good knowledge of the game you're betting on and understand the rules and odds of your bet. Understanding how to interpret the spread is an integral part of successful sports betting.
You can make sports wagers by telephone, online, or at a casino sports book. The types of bets you can make are almost as varied as the sports themselves. There are straight bets, over/under bets, parlays, and teasers just to name a few. Putting money down on a sports event adds a whole new dynamic and thrill to your favorite game.
The courses below will teach you how to bet on sports. Each sport has it's own special factors and betting strategies. Whether you're new to sports gambling or a seasoned player, you'll find a course for your experience level. Now, let's play!
Sports Betting Course List
Sports 110: Horse Betting
Getting ready for a day at the races? Learn how to bet on horses and how to read the horse racing forms.
Sports 122: NFL Betting
You're already a NFL fan. Why not make things a little more interesting and profitable by placing some bets on the game? Learn about the types of NFL bets you can make.
Sports 123: Super Bowl Betting
It the biggest NFL game of the year. Learn a few tips on how to get the most of your Super Bowl bets.
Sports 125: College Football Betting
What could be better than watching a good college football game? How about making some money at the same time. Learn how to bet on college football.
Sports 130: Baseball Betting
Let's play ball! And while we're at it let's make some money on the game. Learn the ins and outs of baseball betting.
Sports 130: Soccer Betting
Learn the basics of how to interpret soccer odds and some tips to get you started on a successful soccer betting strategy.
Sports 140: Golf Betting
There are a number of different types of bets that can be made on golf tournaments. Learn the basics of the most common golf bets.
Sports 153: NASCAR Betting
Want to add even more excitement to NASCAR racing? Learn how to bet on NASCAR events.
Sports 160: Tennis Betting
Turn your knowledge of tennis into money in your pocket. Learn how to bet on tennis and how to make a profit doing it.
Sports 170: Hockey Betting
Add a bit more excitement to an already exciting sport. Learn how to bet on professional hockey.
Sports 180: Basketball Betting
Learn how to bet on professional and college basketball and get a few tips to help optimize your winnings.
Sports 180: Basketball Betting
Learn how to bet on professional and college basketball and get a few tips to help optimize your winnings.
Sports 201: Sports Betting Tips
Learn a few tips to increase your chances of winning when betting on sports.
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