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Slots 332: Beating Video Slot Machines
When you get down to the basics, video slot machines are very similar to reel slots machines. Both are governed by a random number generator which determines what combinations will be displayed. Both types of machine also have a preset payoff percentage. The same tips for beating regular slot machines also apply to video slots.
Make sure you read all the rules before playing a video slot machine. This is especially important when playing video slots. The rules, payouts, and bonuses are generally much more confusing in video slots, not to mention the increased number of pay lines. Pay attention to the requirements for winning the machine jackpots. Like regular slots, some video jackpots will not be paid unless you are playing maximum coins.
Don't fall into the slot machine myths when playing video slots. If a video slot machine hits a jackpot it does not mean it can't hit another on the next spin. The results of each spin are random and completely independent of previous spins. A machine that hits a jackpot may just be a loose video slot machine. Conversely, don't sit at a video slot machine expecting to eventually hit a jackpot. A machine is never "due to hit" regardless of how much of your money it's taken. Only stay at a video slot machine if it continues to payout. Move on if it does not. Finding the loose video slots will give you a better chance of beating a casino's video slot machines.
Why should you play video slots? For the most part video vs. reel slot machines is just personal preference. Many people enjoy the special bonus screens and animation of video slot machines. These special features can help slow down the slot play and prolong the gaming experience. Video slot machines also often allow players to bet at smaller denominations such as nickels and pennies. Be careful though! To make up for the longer play and smaller denomination bets the video slot machines allow for multiple line bets and multiple coin bets per each line. If you're playing video slots to save money then don't bet nine lines at five coins per line (this would be $2.25 per spin on a nickel machine!) You should also be aware that video slot machine payoffs are generally smaller than reel slot machines. With video slots players tend to win more often but the wins may be less than the amount bet, resulting in a loss for the spin.
There's no true method for beating video slot machines. If you enjoy the bonus screens and animations then video slots can be a great way to pass the time. Just remember to watch your money and don't get lured in by the high multiple coin bets unless you're willing to risk loosing a lot of money very quickly.
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